1. OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION® Product appearance constitutes one of the major arguments taken into account when making purchase decisions. It is also a fact that conscious consumers are more likely to buy products of renowned companies which are widely recognised, reputed and recommended by authorities in a given field. What is more, their choices often result from personal experience. Since 1991, Olimp Laboratories have been setting trends, not only by creating modern and effective products but also by offering the highest quality package and excellent design. This is how the products which consumers worldwide buy with their hearts, eyes and minds have changed over the years.

2. Born in 1990, Olimp was founded to support athletes in healthy pursuits of muscle, heart and mind. We established a culture of performance, discipline: a place for the body and soul to connect. We strive to enforce a vigorous lifestyle of body, soul, and strength. With the release of our Live 8 Fight line we are merging the boundaries of competition and self expression. OLIMP LIVE & FIGHT collection offers one of kind, handmade artwork, designed in New York City, we bring movement and perspective to what you wear everyday. Each garment is exclusive in construction with distinctive variations and hand distressed to make each piece feel uniquely yours. We're redefining STYLE. Our premium street wear brand takes Waesthetic a form to a new ultimate level. 're PERFECTIONISTS. We study and support worldwide competitors, launching our insight for design, fabrics that break records, and an infectious spirit and strength. The Olimp Live and Fight Collection is inspired as a form of self-expression that can be wom whether in active competition or your everyday lifestyle.

3. SGT GRILL BATTLE KIT – eco-friendly and natural product that is based on chicken eggs - Champions ratio of quality and digestibility of proteins. This product is widely distributed in Europe and the US, where it regularly use professional athletes. Now we are collecting interviews with leading athletes, where they will share with you my experience with this type of protein. On request, the company is willing to consider individual conditions (time, place, amount) of product delivery, because we value your athletic success, and we do not want to create additional difficulties on the thorny path to victory.


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