Biography of Denis Gusev


Denis Gusev was born in Tikhoretsk, a small town in Krasnodar region. Being full of energy since childhood, he took a great interest in different kinds of sport, which all of his peers were keen on. He went in for wushu, karate, basketball, valleyball, dances, etc. When Gusev was 10 years old, a track and field athletics coach visited his school. The coach looked at the boy and offered him to go in for this kind of sport. Thereafter, track and field athletics has become an integral part of Gusev’s life, until he found another passion – building his body, that is, bodybuilding. His favorite discipline was long jump. While studying at school, Denis achieved good results in track and field athletics, winning his age group at Krasnodar Regional Championship and taking a spot on the regional team.

University Years.

Upon graduating high school at 17, Denis Gusev entered School of Education faculty at Krasnodar National Academy of Physical Education and Sports, from which he graduated with Honors. Two more years later Gusev received Master’s Degree. It took him in total 6 years to obtain basic knowledge in Physical Education and Sports. At first Gusev didn’t give up on sports. But later he had to quit it due to economical situation in his country, which forced him to find a job. Denis quit sport after his second year.

Adult years.

At 26 Denis moved to Moscowand started working at the leading premium “World Class” chain as a personal trainer. Since than Gusev is continuously improving his theoretical and practical knowledge by attending in-company and other fitness centers training, participating in international fitness conventions and developing himself, reading a huge amount of specialized methodical literature. There are show business stars, businessmen, politicians and other nice people among his clients. At the same time, Gusev has not been left unnoticed by fashion industry of his country because of his physical form. Denis took part in many fashion shows as a fitness model, as well as in numerous commercial and authorial photo and video projects of the most famous Russian photographers. This includes projects for “Maxim”“GQ”“Wedding”“Optika Magazine”“Zhelezniy Mir” and other magazines, as well as video shooting for “Megafon”“Sinepark”“Delta”, and advertising companies. Denis was the face of “World Class” and “X-fit” fitness chains.

Sporting Activities.

In 2012, at the age of 31 Denis decided to take part in a classical bodybuilding competition. The sportsman asked Dmitriy Yashankin, the most significant figure in Russia’s fitness community and a multiple world champion, for help in preparation. Dmitriy agreed to help Denis to cope with this uphill struggle. It took the sportsman 3 months to get in shape which helped him to reach top 10 in this category in Russia. At his very first competition, Gusev won the 8th place at the Russian Championship, being ahead many experienced sportsmen.

In the spring season 2013 Denis took part in 3 competitions and won the following cups: 
1) Moscow Region Open Cup - Cup for the best free routine. 
2) Moscow Open Cup - Bronze medal and Cup for the third place. 
3) East Europe Cup/Russia Open Cup - Bronze medal and Cup for the third place. Gusev reached the standards of Master of Sports of Russia in bodybuilding.

In the autumn season 2013 Denis Gusev and his coach D. Yashankin made a common decision to compete in the new Men's Physique category. This category is aimed at those who want to develop fit and aesthetically pleasing body.

In the autumn season 2013 Denis took part in the following competitions: 
2)  IFBB Arnold Classic Europe - the 1st place. Denis Gusev became the first Russian athlete who won the Arnold Classic tournament in this category. Also, he was the first and the third Russian athlete who earned IFBB Pro card in the Men's Physique category.

Furthermore, Denis signed a professional contract with Olimp sport nutrition and Olimp: Live and Fight.

In the spring of 2014 Denis debuted in IFBB Pro league in the United States. The sportsman showed the following results:

1) IFBB Pro Grand Prix (Los Angeles Pro) — the 16th place among 32 participants.; 
2) IFBB Pittsburgh Pro — the 12th place among 31 participants; 
3) IFBB Europa Dallas Super Show (Dallas Pro) — the 3rd place among 34 participants!!! After winning the 3rd place in the tournament in Dallas, Denis Gusev became the first athlete in the history of Europe, who reached TOP 3 at the US professional tournament in Men's Physique.

In the autumn of 2014 Denis took part in the following events: 
1) IFBB Pro Fort Lauderdale — the 13th place among 39 participants;
2) IFBB Pro Dayana Cadeau Classic — the 3rd place among 18 participants;
3) IFBB Pro Kentucki Muscle — the 14th place among 22 participants;
4) IFBB Pro Felicia Romero — the 10th place among 26 participants.

Today Denis actively continues his preparation for international competitions and shares his experience. Using Denis Gusev’s personal site, anyone can get a training program suited to his needs and capabilities. While drawing up the program, Denis thoroughly studies your individual peculiarities. Denis gladly answers all of your 

questions on various topics, related to improving his physical form.

Denis features in numerous sport related videos. The most famous video is “Super press. Tips from fitness model Denis Gusev”, which scored over 3 million views on YouTube. In this video Denis shares the secrets of drawing up the training program for abdominal muscles.

Sport is not the only field that attracted his attention. In 2012 Denis entered the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI), majoring in analytical economics, in order to achieve the second higher education, and graduated from it with Honors in 2014.

Since 2013 Denis combines sport activity with his job. He is an assistant vice president in the Villagio Estate company.

Denis Gusev is married to Xenia Komissarova.


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